Friday, 20 October 2017

Vintage 1950s Housecoat Simplicity 4005

I wouldn't have said a housecoat was a dream project but it has been a long time coming. I have started them before and had wobbles that end in scissors but this time I was determined to finish. Despite my confidence wobble part of the way through I have finished it... well almost I haven't hemmed it haha. In my defense I have been really busy with both Etsy shops and I wanted to make sure I gave a decent review of this one

I chose Simplicity 4005 from my own stash of patterns and also made sure I used fabric/trims from my stash. I made a pledge not to keep buying for myself and for the most part I have stuck to it 

I chose view 1 as I have always fancied big 50s style cuffs and never really had the bottle to make or wear anything like it before. I figure a housecoat would give me a good chance to get used to them. I also liked the idea of trying out quilted fabric for the first time

The only really obvious change I made was to the front. I did way with the buttons, I know I will never faff about with them and simply wrap/tie and go! 

Unfortunately I have indoor photos as the weather hasn't been great for a couple of weeks for outside photos. I have 2 boxes of fresh vintage waiting to be taken eek!

I was using up binding from my stash and had to skimp of trimming the pockets with it!
It is fully lined in regular black lining fabric

Overall I am really pleased with it. I won't be making it again because I do have drawer full of patterns to get through including another 1940s housecoat pattern. I will be listing this one for sale over in our Etsy shop soon 

It is easy to make and as there is no waistband seam it comes together really fast

Pattern - Simplicity 4005

FabricTextile Centre 

Monday, 2 October 2017

40s Weekend at Bletchley Park

I have been to Bletchley Park a few times before and every time I go I see something I didn't see before. It was an added bonus this weekend to go with my younger brother, sister and my Dad who hadn't been before.
My children also came and it was great fun for them to see all the extra things for the 40s weekend. In particular the 'military police' who took a shine to them and teased them for their ID cards before letting them pass the gate!

For lots of people the 1940s look is an every day style and for some it will be a chance to dress up in their special original pieces. I adore the 40s look so much but I prefer the 50s as it works for me every day. Here are some of the photos I took from the day

Alan Turing's Teddy Bear

I think for me the fascinating part is the hut where they shows things they actually found during the major revamp such as these bottles and advertisement

It is a fantastic day out and I thoroughly recommend it. The entrance cost includes a season ticket for you to return again for a year at no extra cost (apart from the odd excluded event) The work they did at BP is fascinating and to hear it at the place where it all actually happened is an amazing opportunity. I think even just to stand where once they were, it stays with you too.

Also this week I have been working on one of my bigger sewing projects, an original 1950s style housecoat. Here is my work in progress and the pattern I used. I hope to show you next week the finished piece

1950s Simplicity

Work in progress

Monday, 25 September 2017

By Hand Anna

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog so far. I managed to finish another UFO this week from my box. This one had been cut out for a few months but the fabric has been languishing in my stash for 2 years (not that long in comparison to others!)

I shared half this fabric with a friend which left me around 2 metres. Lucky being super wide I was able to cut Anna bodice and a self drafted circle skirt

The original link I had for the circle skirt has vanished but I found another here for you here
I sat down one night and made a 1/2, 3/4 and full circle skirts in a couple of different lengths. It was so worth it as being able to mix and match the skirts can really change a whole style of a pattern

Necklace is original vintage 1950s

This week I have nearly finished the skirt I started last week and started a housecoat. I have also planned my first project from the blog
My main goal is get enough clothing made and accessories collected to take part in Me Made May 2018

Sewing Pattern - By Hand Anna
Fabric - Central Milton Keynes Market
Jewellery - Original vintage, browse our online shop here Fox Vintage

Monday, 18 September 2017

Saying Goodbye to Summer

True to my word I finished another UFO from the pile this week! Despite the chilly air in the mornings I will admit right now I will continue to make summer dresses all throughout winter but seeing as it is still quite mild, I am just about getting away with a thin cardigan and no tights still (hurrah!)

This one is another By Hand London pattern called Kim. Previous to getting this pattern I never would have thought with my narrow shoulders I would have been able to pull off a style such as this. I sew in bra strap stays to the inside shoulders but a very small adjustment really

I love the fit of By Hand patterns and they have made me realise why perhaps people will make the same pattern 40 times over just switching fabrics or skirt styles, find a good fit and it becomes an addiction!

The fabulous tropical bird fabric comes from Threads & Patches - my sister bought it a couple of years but they do have a lovely selection of fabrics if you are in the area

My black seashell necklace was a lucky Facebook find and it is deadstock from the 1950s

Since we have got back into selling vintage clothing and accessories, I would be lying if I said I hadn't been greedy. I currently have a quite a lot more new to me pieces in my stash, just take a look!

I think the spider brooch is my current new favourite after seeing one on Riverdale I knew I had to steal a few of their style ideas! Follow my inspiration board here to see other TV show fashion

Currently I am about to finish a skirt from an old favourite 40s sewing pattern, a skull print Anna dress with a circle skirt and looking for fabric for a cape! Also I hope to bring a pattern hack for Anna soon which I have started to make a toile for

Have a good week!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Fresh Start

I have taken some weeks to think about how to re-start my blog and after much thought I decided my blog would be a good place for me to continue writing about sewing but also about my passion for vintage lifestyle.

I have never been one for talking about myself online, I don't do out pourings of emotions or anything like that. I wouldn't say it isn't 'me' or I am secretly an ice queen but more of a case that I use social media for work and lets face it some things are just too much information for customers.

For the past 2 years or so I have poured all my energy into sewing for work rather than for my own benefit. It has been amazing and my shop has grown so much but I felt it was time to get my own sewing off the ground again.

It was by this time I realised I was lacking in confidence with my own sewing and my 'sewjo' mojo had packed up and left some time ago. I had just been too busy to notice. I made a few things which I liked but I was hiding behind my phone and not really feeling myself at all.

It wasn't until my sister said she missed dealing in vintage clothing and accessories that I suddenly realised I too had missed is massively. As soon as we started sourcing stock again, it was like the blinkers had been removed and I was getting my enthusiasm back again!

I can only really think that my confidence had been partly knocked due to a few people leaving my life, they aren't dead but for one reason or another you can no longer sweep the issues under the carpet and it is for the best. Whether this means we permanently will not be in touch or if perhaps later on down the line we can fix these relationships remains to be seen. I did however see this quote on Pintrest and struck a chord with me because it is true for me. It doesn't even have to be about a boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife, it can apply to friendships or for family too.
After lovely Saturday with my good friend Liz. It reminded me I should make more time for doing things I love and I am actually okay looking, so I should stop hiding my face haha.

On a sewing related point, the dress above is in fact By Hand Anna and I will have another blog post for a couple of UFOs I need to finish. Then I will be swiftly moving on to all the exciting projects I have set for myself. I will also show how I style vintage pieces with modern for every day style. Plus will also share some free patterns I have drafted myself.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Lion Coat

A customer recently came to me to have a lion coat made for her Grandson. I instantly whizzed to check out the beautiful patterns by Twig + Tale formally Big Little Patterns)
I adore the coat and how it turned out. I wanted a patter that would make the coat look like a lion without looking like costume so these patterns are perfect!

The outside mustard colour fleece is a beautiful colour and so soft/smooth to touch, perfect for a lion 

I lined the coat with Alexander Henry Safari fabric from the lovely people at Fondant Fabrics

The coat sewed up like a dream and I used both my regular Janome machine and my Singer 185k to help get me through the very thick layers

The lovely rust colour mane wool was bought locally from a fabric shop. I am itching next time to use more re-claimed fabrics to make my next jacket 

There are so many other options for the coat and I can't wait to make a little rabbit one and a cape version too. 

If you would like to purchase the jacket, I have them on sale in my Etsy shop Vincent & Valerie

Sunday, 22 May 2016

1940s Sweet Heart Floral Print Romper

I previously shared this gorgeous 1940s baby romper sewing pattern by the New York pattern company and can now share photos of how the first little romper I made looks on. It features a classic H bar back and makes up so well

If you would like to see if I have any patterns similar to sell please check out my pattern shop Fox Vintage or if you would like to have one of these lovely rompers made for your little girl or boy (there is a boy's verson too) please see Vincent & Valerie