Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Fresh Start

I have taken some weeks to think about how to re-start my blog and after much thought I decided my blog would be a good place for me to continue writing about sewing but also about my passion for vintage lifestyle.

I have never been one for talking about myself online, I don't do out pourings of emotions or anything like that. I wouldn't say it isn't 'me' or I am secretly an ice queen but more of a case that I use social media for work and lets face it some things are just too much information for customers.

For the past 2 years or so I have poured all my energy into sewing for work rather than for my own benefit. It has been amazing and my shop has grown so much but I felt it was time to get my own sewing off the ground again.

It was by this time I realised I was lacking in confidence with my own sewing and my 'sewjo' mojo had packed up and left some time ago. I had just been too busy to notice. I made a few things which I liked but I was hiding behind my phone and not really feeling myself at all.

It wasn't until my sister said she missed dealing in vintage clothing and accessories that I suddenly realised I too had missed is massively. As soon as we started sourcing stock again, it was like the blinkers had been removed and I was getting my enthusiasm back again!

I can only really think that my confidence had been partly knocked due to a few people leaving my life, they aren't dead but for one reason or another you can no longer sweep the issues under the carpet and it is for the best. Whether this means we permanently will not be in touch or if perhaps later on down the line we can fix these relationships remains to be seen. I did however see this quote on Pintrest and struck a chord with me because it is true for me. It doesn't even have to be about a boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife, it can apply to friendships or for family too.
After lovely Saturday with my good friend Liz. It reminded me I should make more time for doing things I love and I am actually okay looking, so I should stop hiding my face haha.

On a sewing related point, the dress above is in fact By Hand Anna and I will have another blog post for a couple of UFOs I need to finish. Then I will be swiftly moving on to all the exciting projects I have set for myself. I will also show how I style vintage pieces with modern for every day style. Plus will also share some free patterns I have drafted myself.

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