Monday, 2 October 2017

40s Weekend at Bletchley Park

I have been to Bletchley Park a few times before and every time I go I see something I didn't see before. It was an added bonus this weekend to go with my younger brother, sister and my Dad who hadn't been before.
My children also came and it was great fun for them to see all the extra things for the 40s weekend. In particular the 'military police' who took a shine to them and teased them for their ID cards before letting them pass the gate!

For lots of people the 1940s look is an every day style and for some it will be a chance to dress up in their special original pieces. I adore the 40s look so much but I prefer the 50s as it works for me every day. Here are some of the photos I took from the day

Alan Turing's Teddy Bear

I think for me the fascinating part is the hut where they shows things they actually found during the major revamp such as these bottles and advertisement

It is a fantastic day out and I thoroughly recommend it. The entrance cost includes a season ticket for you to return again for a year at no extra cost (apart from the odd excluded event) The work they did at BP is fascinating and to hear it at the place where it all actually happened is an amazing opportunity. I think even just to stand where once they were, it stays with you too.

Also this week I have been working on one of my bigger sewing projects, an original 1950s style housecoat. Here is my work in progress and the pattern I used. I hope to show you next week the finished piece

1950s Simplicity

Work in progress

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