Friday, 20 October 2017

Vintage 1950s Housecoat Simplicity 4005

I wouldn't have said a housecoat was a dream project but it has been a long time coming. I have started them before and had wobbles that end in scissors but this time I was determined to finish. Despite my confidence wobble part of the way through I have finished it... well almost I haven't hemmed it haha. In my defense I have been really busy with both Etsy shops and I wanted to make sure I gave a decent review of this one

I chose Simplicity 4005 from my own stash of patterns and also made sure I used fabric/trims from my stash. I made a pledge not to keep buying for myself and for the most part I have stuck to it 

I chose view 1 as I have always fancied big 50s style cuffs and never really had the bottle to make or wear anything like it before. I figure a housecoat would give me a good chance to get used to them. I also liked the idea of trying out quilted fabric for the first time

The only really obvious change I made was to the front. I did way with the buttons, I know I will never faff about with them and simply wrap/tie and go! 

Unfortunately I have indoor photos as the weather hasn't been great for a couple of weeks for outside photos. I have 2 boxes of fresh vintage waiting to be taken eek!

I was using up binding from my stash and had to skimp of trimming the pockets with it!
It is fully lined in regular black lining fabric

Overall I am really pleased with it. I won't be making it again because I do have drawer full of patterns to get through including another 1940s housecoat pattern. I will be listing this one for sale over in our Etsy shop soon 

It is easy to make and as there is no waistband seam it comes together really fast

Pattern - Simplicity 4005

FabricTextile Centre 

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