Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Free 1950s Children's Dungaree Sewing Pattern

I recently acquired a box of patterns to sort through and I found a couple of magazine clippings. They were a bit tatty but I have cleaned them a bit with editing and decided to share them free here. First up is the unisex overalls/dungarees pattern

Although you will need to draft the pieces from the diagram, it is a very versatile sewing pattern. You could omit the button on bib and have it as a one piece. There is the option of a short version for summer and you can add elastic to create bubble legs

The diagram is for inch graph paper. It is designed for a child age 2 to 3 years 

I do hope you have found this useful and later this week I will also have a gorgeous dress with a yoke free pattern

In case you were wondering what was on the back :)


  1. Super adorable and thank you for the pattern! Love your blog!!

    1. Thank you, the dress is coming shortly too :)