Sunday, 29 November 2015

Minecraft Costume

I am in danger now of sounding old..but I do not understand children's attraction to playing Minecraft. It really has stumped me but none the less my oldest daughter was after a costume for a party she had been invited. The theme Minecraft Vs Minions.

There was 'No way' she said, would she wear denim overalls and look like I quote a yellow tic tac - it had to be a Minecraft outfit. The game which she has been itching to own but as parents we are reluctant to let our children have too many games or devices (that could be a whole post on it's own haha)

This week the electric work our house was due to be started and was stalled (no surprise there, I think I have more chance of Olly Mur's popping in for a cup of tea than these people getting their act together), I then made time for her costume.

I didn't want to make anything to involved in case I ran out of time. Plus I have also been invited to test a new pattern.

I chose fabric from my stash (high five another de-stash mission complete), its a medium weight fabric a bit like suiting with some one way stretch and a textured look.

I used these 2 vintage patterns. The bodice from one and the circular skirt from the other. As she has the measurements of a size 6 but the height of a 9 year old, I made some quick alterations by sight in chalk

I made a quick applique using a pattern I traced straight from Google. Green cotton square with black felt face. Here is the result

She is posing rather awkwardly down to the super windy weather haha! It went down a treat at the party and I think I have finally made something she won't be protesting about wearing again. Typical really, the one thing I've made out of everything it was the one with the least amount of planning. I am glad I took the time to over lock the seams at least. It has been finished inside with bias binding, when usually I would have half lined a dress for a smoother finish.

The back was fastened with green kam snaps.

Next week hopefully I can share photos of the test pattern I am working on and start the cute little fox romper


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  2. WOW! Love the simplicity of making this. Looks really stylish too! :)

    1. Thank you :) I forget how fast circle skirts can be in comparison to gathering lots of fabric and it is the second time I have attempted applique